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At Alcura, we’re aware that non-adherence is a serious public health issue that has a negative impact on patients’ quality of life and the sustainability of the National Healthcare System.

In the US, 50% of patients with rheumatoid arthritis stop biological treatment over the two-year monitoring period*.

In Spain, 50% of chronic patients don’t following the prescribed medical treatment properly**.

The determining factor for non-adherence is insufficient information on the advantages of sticking to the therapy**.

Atención domiciliaria del paciente

We have extensive experience in designing and implementing patient support programmes through prior agreements with their healthcare centres. After reaching these agreements, our team designs and develops adherence programmes that ensure patients get the right support, monitoring and compliance​.

Alcura has various formulas to help empower patients in treatment to improve their quality of life.

At Alcura, we have a team of nursing professionals trained in motivational interviewing who provide patient-based care to encourage patients to change their behaviours and help them adhere to treatment.

The Alcura nursing team uses emotional interviewing and the Precede**** method to become part of each patient’s emotional journey and be able to diagnose their behaviour and design a living programme that adapts to their specific needs.

* CORRONA study

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*** Informe del Observatorio de Adherencia al Tratamiento (Report from the Treatment Adherence Observatory - Business Federation of Spanish Pharmacists- FEFE)

**** García J et al Aplicación del modelo Precede-Proceed para el diseño de un programa de educación en salud. Psicología y Salud, Vol. 15, Issue 1: 135-151, January-June 2005

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