Home delivery of medications prescribed and dispensed by the hospital

In the first project of its kind in Spain, at Alcura we arrange delivery of healthcare products and medicines prescribed and dispensed by hospitals to patients’ homes, with their written consent, improving quality of life for people who find it difficult to pick up their medication from hospital pharmacy services.

All of the products are prescribed by physicians and dispensed by hospital pharmacists.

With our home delivery services, we can send the following items from the hospital pharmacy service to patients’ homes:

  • Products marketed to be dispensed by hospitals

  • Investigational medicinal products

Envío domiciliario de medicación

Our management teams contact all the patients through our call centre to set up a delivery time and place that suits them. 

Our processes are carried out in line with strict operating procedures using an online platform designed specially for this service and validated to comply with GDP, GMP and GDPR. Thanks to the platform, the whole process is traceable and the safety notifications for the medication delivered can be followed throughout.

We have an extensive network of Alliance Healthcare transport professionals throughout Spain and Europe, which ensures secure transport of complex and specialised medicines to patients, saving time and encouraging better adherence. 

Transport includes certified cold chain and waste pick-up.

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