Return and destruction of investigational medicinal products 

Our excellent facilities can securely store or manage any unused clinical trial product or samples through the end of the clinical trial, for as many years as necessary.

Each project is different and requires returns be handled in a specific way.

Returned medicines are stored in a restricted area and blocked out in our system to prevent any unauthorised use, until they can be disposed of.

Devolución y destrucción del medicamento en investigación

Our services include:

  • Picking up used and unused drugs

  • Content control (accounting for total number of capsules, pills, boxes, etc.) and compiling reports

  • Storage in specific, restricted areas

In some countries, Alcura can also provide refrigerated and cryogenic storage for secure return and disposal of products.

Destruction of investigational medicinal products

Once you are finished with your research, at Alcura we can arrange to have these products disposed for you

  • We contact healthcare authorities to dispose of medications that require special control, cytostatics and biological products.

  • Inertisation and incineration

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