Primary and secondary packaging of investigational medicinal products 

Contract manufacturing

We can organize contract manufacturing of small lots of research material from phase I-IV clinical trials, through Walgreens Boots Alliance channels.

Primary manufacturing area

  • Primary packaging of solid formats (blistering, bottling, etc.)

  • Re-packaging medicinal products for blind trials

  • Re-packaging (blisters, vials, ampoules, bottles, etc.)

Área de fabricación primaria

Secondary manufacturing area

  • Secondary packaging for clinical research according to GMP

  • Designing different types of labels (blind, colour-coded, different languages, booklets, etc.) 

  • Managing re-labelling due to extended expiry date/retesting or drug reassigned to different study

 Área de fabriación secundaria

Bioanalysis services 

Alcura offers a wide range of bioanalysis services to validate your clinical trial methods. Backed by Walgreens Boots Alliance and other partners, we benefit from their extensive experience in developing methods, optimising analyses and stability testing.

We carry out these analyses at certified laboratories using state-of-the-art analytic and classical technology, as well as detailed microbiology services. 

  • Compiling reports for research materials

  • Assessing the long-term stability of trial samples under specific conditions

  • Validating sample analysis methods

  • Microbiology analyses

  • Guidance on filling in dossiers for medicinal products

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